Stier 92 Piece Tool Set

Special Offer

Stier 92 Piece Tool Set

We are kicking our competitor prices to the curb with this JAW DROPPING special. 
Firstly Stier has a lifetime warranty on all its tools if used as as intended 
Ask us for more information on the price. We will are confident our price is one of the best.

If you like this deal, the following makes it that much better – For the 1st 10 clients, we will also add an additional 250ml Biosol Gel Hand Sanitiser.
If you find someone who can beat this VALUE FOR MONEY OFFER, let us know and we will see if we can match the quote. 

Contents of Set:

12 pc combination spanners size 6 – 19mm | 20 pc 1/2″ sockets size 8 – 32mm | 1 pc 1/2″ Ratchet |
1p pc 1/2″ 125mm extension bar | 1 pc 8″ Combination Plier | 1 pc 1/2″ 125mm Extension Bar | 1 pc 6″ diagonal Cutter | 1 pc 8″ long nose plier | 1 pc 10″ Water Pump Plier |1 pc 8″ Adjustable Wrench | 4 pc Screwdrivers: 4x100mm; 6x100mm’ PH1x100mm | PH2x100mm |1 pc 1/4″ Magnetic Screwdriver | 1 pc 3m Tape Measure | 3 pc Phillips Bit: PH1x25mm, PH2x25mm, PH3x25mm | 4 pc Slotted Bit: 4x25mm , 5x25mm, 6x25mm | 3pc Pozi Bit: PZ1x25mm, PZ2x25mm, PZ3x25mm | 9pc Hex Bit: 1.5x25mm, 2x25mm, 3x25mm, 4x25mm, 5x25mm 5.5x25mm, 6x25mm, 7x25mm, 8x25mm | 4 pc Square Bit: 0x25mm, 1x25mm, 2x25mm, 2x25mm, 3x25mm | 12 pc Torx Bit: TX5x25mm, TX6x25mm, TX7x25mm, TX8x25mm, TX9x25mm , TX10x25mm, TX15x25mm, TX20x25MM, TX25x25mm, TX27x25mm, TX30x25mm, TX40x25mm | 1 PC 1/4″ Power Extension Bar | 1 pc 1/4″ Magnetic Bit Holder | 1 pc 1/2″ socket Adaptor | 9 pc Allen Key: 1.5, 2, 2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
Packaged in a hand plastic carry case. 


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